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About Conor Bradley - Sheffield Digital Agency

Conor Bradley – Sheffield Digital Agency is a digital agency that was founded on 22nd September 2019. We only offer our services from our online website. Conor Bradley – Digital Agency started out selling graphic design services such as Logos, Social media headers, and sometimes website design services.

We quickly learned and expanded on what services we could offer to our clients so everything was done in-house. When designing and creating websites we were sending our clients to buy domains and website hosting elsewhere as we didn’t have the facilities to do this. We decided to start reselling domain names and website hosting. This kickstarted us to become a digital agency in Sheffield.

We now offer lots of different services that are perfect for users that have a website or need a website presence. We will continue to add more services for our clients to use.

The main products we offer are Domain Names, Website hosting plans, Website Design & Development, Social and Website Marketing.

As a company we are huge on customer support, if you have any problems please contact us below, contact us via the client area or send us a message on any of our social handles which are located at the bottom of the page or under our logo on the right-hand side.

We are very fast at replying!

About Conor Bradley (Myself)

Hi, My name is Conor Reece Bradley and I’m the person behind the company. My life started on the 30th of June 1998 where I entered the world in a city called Sheffield.

In school, I was always driven by new technology in the computing industry and creating digital designs in programs called Photoshop, illustrator, InDesign & Cinema 4D. I have self-taught myself from watching YouTube tutorials and reading forums on the information I require to complete that task.

I started college doing a level 4 extended diploma in graphic design. Where the projects consisted of designing logos, brochures, magazines & branding. I then decided to carry on with graphic design and went to Hallam University to complete a degree in graphic design.

After the first semester, I found that it was quite limited to how I wanted to explore a different career path where I can progress further. I found an apprenticeship in I.T support which would consist of working 4 days in the company then 1 day of a college education. This way I could explore a huge sector in the I.T Industry and enhance my knowledge in fixing computers and helping other people with various problems.

I started my apprenticeship working for a University and completed it a year later. I was employed to have a full-time job after the apprenticeship had ended helping students and staff members with computer-related problems.

I am still progressing and learning many skills that can help me in other areas out of work life. I have just completed a secondment in the Digital Learning Team which focuses on student courses and lectures.

After learning a substantial amount from the secondment I decided to move into the faculty digital learning team helping staff and students with any problems they may have.

In my spare time, I trade cryptocurrency and have become quite successful at making an earning. I also enjoy learning new skills and creating websites for other people. To further my help in the community I offer my other services on fiver.

I decided to set up Conor Bradley – Sheffield Digital Agency as a business to provide my knowledge and services to clients who may need them.

I enjoy seeing the progress from start to finish, to see the creativity in website creations. I like how the industry is very supportive and there’s always a solution online if you ever need help.

















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