Our Anti-Spam Policy Helps Keep You & Receivers Safe

We take email spam seriously and has developed a policy to protect, prevent, and control incidents that have lasting effects on our servers.

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Main Cause Of Spam

The main cause of email spam usually comes from listing your email address on a website that is publicly accessible without logging in or using a contact form on your website that doesn’t a secure captcha. Bots can easily search and crawl websites for email addresses and contact forms. They are then able to sell the email addresses they have found to other companies which then leads to spammed emails.

To minimise the risk of being a victim of a spam attack we would recommend using contact forms with Google Captcha (reCAPTCHA) as the user will need to type the text displayed in the image or click images based on what text is displayed. This verifies them as a human by completing a task and allows them to submit the form.

Strong Passwords

Sometimes spam can originate from a compromised website database from users having an unsecured or repeated password on another site. All passwords used should be generated via the password generator inside of cPanel to make sure there isn’t a duplicated password. It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure all passwords are strong and updated.

Anti-Spam Policy - Three Strike System

To increase our server email delivery rate, Conor Bradley – Sheffield Digital Agency has developed a three-strike system to make sure our customers are receiving the delivery speeds they deserve.

First Anti-Spam Offence - 24 Hour Suspension

If Spam is detected from your cPanel account it will be suspended for 24 hours so we can see what the damage has caused to our servers. We will lift the 24-hour suspension after the account owner has replied to our support ticket so we can provide the owner with how to resolve their issue. This usually includes changing all passwords associated with your hosting account

Second Anti-Spam Offence – Professional Account Cleaning

If Spam is detected on your account for a second time we will suspend you for a further 24 hours to check for damages. We will lift the 24-hour suspension after the account owner has verified that they will use either our account cleaning service priced at £50 per hour or a third party that can be recommended by us.

Third Anti-Spam Offence – Account Termination

Unfortunately, if spam is detected a third time we will need to terminate the account within 48 hours. We will email you via a support ticket that we are terminating your account, you will have 48 hours from the email been sent to backup and download your website, emails, etc before we delete the account. Customers that don’t maintain good security practices put our entire network at risk. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer you a refund as stated in our Terms of Service.

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