How to Schedule WordPress Posts

How to Schedule Wordpress Posts 01

In this article we will show you how to schedule WordPress posts with ease! Theres no need for any paid plugins as it’s already built in to WordPress.

Why would you want to Schedule a post?

There could be many reasons why you would want to schedule a post. Maybe you’ll be away from your computer when a client wants the post posting. Another reason may be you have some spare time and have created many blog posts, however you want to post them a week apart. In this tutorial we will show you how this is done!


Step one:

Find the post you’d like to schedule and press “edit”

Screenshot 2019 12 15 at 21.47.13


Step 2:

Once when you’ve pressed edit on the post. On the right-hand side you should see the publish tab. Three rows down you’ll see “Publish immediately“, Press edit on the right and it should prompt you to enter a date and time.

Screenshot 2019 12 15 at 21.52.38


Step 3:

Enter your selected date and time, then press “OK“. From there your article will be posted publicly on the date and time you selected. If you are wanting to change the post to private or password locked please visit our article here.

Screenshot 2019 12 15 at 21.57.02

We hope you’ve found this post helpful. Please comment if you need any further help or any tutorials you’d like us to blog about.



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