Publish WordPress Posts With A Password

How To Publish Wordpress Posts With A Password 01

Following on from our tutorial about scheduling posts on WordPress, We have decided to create a tutorial on how to publish WordPress posts with a password.

Why would you want to private posts?

Private posts on WordPress is a useful feature. You can select either private which makes it so only you can see the post or you can password protect it making it so only the people with the password can see it. By making the page password protected you can send emails out to your subscribers or paid members who have exclusive access to some of your posts.

Step one:

Open the post you would like to change by pressing “edit” which is under the post name.

Screenshot 2019 12 15 at 21.47.13

Step Two:

On the right hand side next to publish there should be an option that says “Visibility and select edit. If you’re wanting to password protect your post click that option and you’ll be greeted with an empty box. Type in your desired password and press “OK” then publish .

Screenshot 2019 12 15 at 22.33.12

Step three:

Now your post requires a password and is restricted from other users viewing. This is what your password protected post should look like.

Screenshot 2019 12 15 at 22.37.49


We hope you’ve found this post helpful. Please comment if you need any further help or any tutorials you’d like us to blog about.


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