Website Case Study: C.K Electrical Contractors

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About The Company

C.K Electrical Contractors, are a specialised Stevenage electrician based in Hertfordshire. C.K Electrical offers high-quality electrical installations to esteemed homeowners and enterprises throughout Hertfordshire and its adjoining vicinities.


Website Redesign & SEO



Keyword Research

When embarking on a website redesign, we prioritise keyword research, a pivotal step to gauge a site’s competitive edge. Initially, the site only surfaced for the keyword “C K Electrical”, catering solely to those specifically seeking the brand. However, post-redesign, we’ve expanded our reach, securing a diverse range of high-traffic keywords.

Ck electrical contractors ranking keywords before Ck electrical contractors ranking keywords after

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Website Redesign

Upon evaluating the original website design, it became evident that it was a standard template often pitched to businesses. The pages were content-thin and lacked SEO optimisation, limiting their potential rank. In our revamp, we concentrated on tailored service offerings rather than broad categories, optimising for a wider keyword range. The client’s chosen black, grey, and green colour palette elegantly emphasises crucial details and prompts call to action.

Before Redesign

After Redesign

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