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Shared Hosting Plans Compared

£ 6 50
£ 14 20
£ 24 40
This is how many websites you’re allowed to host on each purchased plan
Raid 10 SSD Storage
This is the amount of storage that is allocated to your hosting account.
Total Databases
This is how many databases you’re allowed, these can contain MySQL, MariaDB or both.
Easy Backup & Restore
Easily backup and restore your website via the backup application in your control panel.
Solid State Drive Speed Boost
Traditional hard rives can only process hundred of inputs and outputs a second. Our SSD’s can perform thousands a second!
Free SSL Certificates
Secure your website(s) completely free with our unlimited LetsEncrypt SSL Certificates to keep your website fully encrypted.
Enhanced Security
Rebootless Kernel Updates, Brute Force Defence, Virus Scanning, Server Hardening & 24/7/365 Security Monitoring
Premium Hardware
We use the best hardware for all of our clients so they’re website can run in optimal performance
The core is the part of the processor that can independently execute machine code this allows jobs to get completed faster.
Physical Memory
Physical memory is the amount of memory the server has been allocated for that hosting plan.
CloudFlare CDN Free
CloudFlare Pro
CloudFlare Enterprise
Cloudflare allows you to deliver website content faster by providing content delivery to a server closest to you.
Website Staging & Cloning
Easily create an exact copy of your production site to test changes you’re wanting to make to the live website or duplicate it to another domain name
Above & Beyond Support
Contact us via email, phone, chat or social media platforms. Our support doesn’t stop at server level - we will always try and resolve your problem, even if its related to a CMS.
Free Site Migration
Changing hosts can be a stressful task to make sure everything gets copied over. We will migrate your website to us, stress free.
Phone Support
Email/Ticket Support
Live Chat Support
Social Media Support
Our various support methods help you get in contact with us easily.
Two-Factor Authentication
Add 2FA to your account so any potential hackers will need an access code to enter your control panel
Kernel Care
Kernel Care will install automatic daily updates to the kernel without the need of restarting making you even more secure.
Virus / Malware Scanning
Run a virus scan from your control panel to check if you have any possible detections for your files in file manager or email inbox.
BruteForce Defence
Is someone trying to access your account by trying old passwords? After a number of attempts we will ban them!
99% Uptime Commitment
We understand how important your website is to stay online which is why our system admins work around the clock fixing issues.
24/7 Network Monitoring
The network is a key component of your website, without this then simply your site isn’t online which is why we monitor it 24/7.
10 GB/s Redundant Network
We have multiple 10GB data carriers in all our datacenter locations making our network redundant.
Generator Backup
Power cuts can happen which is why we have a diesel generator that will automatically start to keep your websites online.
Optimised Servers
When installing a server for the first time, you’ll find that it will need to be optimised for your website which is why we pre-tune them.
Free Email Addresses
Why use a gmail account when you can have a professional business email with your domain name.
Choose between two different webmail clients Horde & Roundcube.
Spam Protection
Automatically mark potential emails as spam or increase your protection further and ask senders to verify themselves.
Choose how you would like to send & receive your emails in your email client so they can always be accessible.
Choose Your PHP Version
Websites can be built in different PHP versions which is why we allow you to switch & toggle between PHP 5.6, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 7.4 or 8.0
Total Databases
This is the total amount of databases your account is allowed to use. For example a WordPress install would use 1 database.
MariaDB (MySQL Alternative)
Studies have shown that MariaDB can perform up to 5% better than MYSQL Databases.
PostgreSQL 9.6
PostgreSQL is on the latest update including all of its bug fixes. Easily manage your PostgreSQL databases through SSH.
Apache 2.4
Our apache is tuned for performance and reliability so regardless of your application you can feel at ease.
PHPMyAdmin is preinstalled so you can easily access your databases and make changes to your tables & rows.
SSH Access
Easily access your hosting account through SSH, simply create a key in your control panel then you’ll be able to login.
Create & Manage Git Repositories
Automatically deploy & manage your repositories to cPanel by using the Git applet in cPanel.
File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
Easily upload files & folders to your cPanel file manager. You can also do the opposite & download your files and folders to your desktop.
This is how many websites you’re allowd to host on each hosting plan.
Subdomains can be created to organise different sections of your website such as
Parked Domain
A parked domain is a domain name that isn’t linked to a website or service but the owner would like to keep renewing it.
Addon Domain
An addon domain allows you to create a website on a completely different domain name which is hosted on the same service
Conor Bradley Domain
Don’t have a domain name? No worries we can provide you with a free domain name.
Dedicated IP address
A dedicated IP address allows you to have your own IP address making it look like you’re not on shared hosting.
DNS Management
Easily manage your domains records in cPanel. You’re able to create & remove A, TXT .etc records
Control Panel
cPanel Control Panel
One of the leading hosting control panels, Easily manage your domains, emails, databases & software
1 Click Application Installer
Easily install applications like WordPress & Drupal at the click of a button.
File Manager
Easily upload, compress, rename & download any of your files within the file manager.
Inode File Limit
Inodes are how many files are on the server for example if you was to upload an image on your website this would be 1 inode.
Multi-Language Support
The default language for cPanel is in English however this can be easily changed in the control panel
CMS Backups & Restore
Automatically backup your installations daily, weekly or monthly then restore them when needed.
CMS Staging
Create a staging version of your production website so you can test changes in a development environment.
CMS Cloning
Create a clone of your existing site to use on another domain name. The cloning task will automatically change the URL’s.
Statistics & Usage
Raw Access Logs
Raw Access Logs allow you to see who has visited your website without displaying graphs.
Webalizer Visitor Statistics
Webalizer is a complex stats program that produces a variety of charts and graphs about who has visited your site.
Awstats produces visual statistics about visitors of your site.These can also be viewed in categories.
Analog Visitor Statistics
Analog produces a simple summary of all the people who have visited your site. It is fast and provides great lightweight statistics.

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