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What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is promoting companies so they are able to connect with potential customers by targeting audiences and demographics by using the internet. Some forms of digital marketing includes email, social media, and web-based advertising such as google ads.

Our SEO Process

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We will start by creating an SEO audit of your website and show you what improvements need to be made to increase your search engine rankings.

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Keyword Research

To improve the visibility of your website in search engines we will need to do keyword research to check your existing search queries coming to your website before we look for other keywords we can utilise for your website.

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Competitor Research

Doing competitor research can identify what your competitors are doing differently and what keywords they’re currently ranking for.

If this competitor doesn’t have much of a presence online it's possible we can utilise their keywords and rank above them.

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Page Optimisation

After the keyword research is complete our next step is to utilise our page optimisation techniques.

These include adding keywords into your pages headings, paragraph text, images, referring to inbound and outbound links. For example, if you’re looking for Local SEO adding “Sheffield” would make it easier for users looking for a builder based in Sheffield.

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Content Creation

When adding new keywords to your website sometimes content creation is necessary so the user finds what they’re looking for.

This could also be blog posts based on your new keywords to build interest.

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The best way to see how your website is performing is by looking at the Analytics data.

By looking at the data we can see the types of searches people are doing when clicking on your website, demographics & location.

We can also follow the user to see which pages they click on before they make an action which could be a purchase or a phone call.

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What Marketing Services Do We Offer?

Frequently Asked Questions

SEO stands for search engine optimisation (UK) / search engine optimization (USA)

On-page SEO includes page content such as the following image optimisation (Alt tags), keyword optimisation, Schema markup, and more. Pretty much everything on that page.

Link Building, Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Twitter .etc), Blogging, Customer Reviews, Directories

Crawling and indexing, XML sitemaps, Duplicate content, Structured data, Broken Links & More

The location the person is searching from, Google My Business listing, Directory Listings, Online Reviews, Business Location, Google Maps location & More.

Yes, Each page or post you create gives you a chance to rank on another keyword.

Backlinks are hyperlinks that link to an external page. If the website linking to another page has a high domain authority they will receive some authority from that post making them become more trusted.
A Do-follow link carries link juice also known as domain authority, An example of this would be an external blog site like WordPress.A No-follow link carries no link juice, An example of this would be a forum website.
Site speed plays a ranking factor in googles algorithms. If you have a slow website google reduces the number of crawlers it sends to your site.

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