How To Create A Subdomain In C-Panel

  1. Log in to cPanel or access C-Panel through logging in through your client area.
  2. Click on Services square
  3. Click on your selected hosting plan

Logging in to c-panel on the actions menu - conor bradley - digital agency

  1. On the left, Under Actions. Click Login to C-Panel

Searching for subdomain in c panel conor bradley digital agency

  1. Type in the search box sub or subdomains and click the shortcut.

Typing in the name for the subdomain im wanting to create then pressing create conor bradley digital agency

  1. Under Create a Subdomain, type in the name of the subdomain you want to add. We used test as an example.
    cPanel will automatically fill in the document root path.
  2. Click Create. cPanel creates a subdomain.
  3. You can now install WordPress using our 1 click installer or manually install WordPress through the file manager


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