How To Create A Perfect Domain Name

Buying a domain name may be an easy thing to do, however, creating the perfect domain name that will gain visitors and rankings isn’t an easy task. They’re many factors to think of when creating your domain name which will save you from changing your domain at a later date. In this knowledgebase article, we will share some tips on how to get the best out of your domain name.


Correct Spelling

This may sound like an obvious one however it can happen very easily without double-checking the spelling or rushing through the purchase of a domain you thought wouldn’t be available.

Making your domain easy to spell and pronounce

When creating your domain name you should avoid words that are difficult to spell or have multiple ways of spelling them. This can confuse potential clients when you’re telling them about your website or from word of mouth.

Easy to remember

By creating an easy-to-remember or catching domain name it allows people to quickly search for you and visit your website multiple times. If clients like your service they’ll tell other people which will help without needing to search for you.

Domain matches content

By creating a domain name this matches with the posts you’ll be creating increases people staying on the page as they haven’t misclicked by looking at your domain name thinking you have different content.

A short domain

Creating a short domain name is better than having a longer domain. Having a short domain makes it easier to spell and type. On the search for your perfect domain name, you’ll have probably run into the problem that the domain you were looking for has been taken. This is usually because the shorter the domain names have already been taken as they’re the best ones.

An original domain

Finding an original domain name can be hard as most of the unique names have been taken. However, If you can find an original domain name you’ll find it easier to rank on Google when people search for you. If your domain is unoriginal and your competitors use a similar domain your clients can arrive on the wrong website and decide they like it better, making you lose a returning visitor/customer.



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