How To Install WordPress and SSL In C-Panel

How To Install WordPress and SSL In C-Panel

In this Knowledge-Base article, we will learn how to install WordPress & make sure your site is SSL secure with our free certificates. If you’re reading this from another hosting provider the steps may be different as we offer FREE SSL Certificates and 1 click Installers.

Adding another website to your C-Panel

If you’re just wanting to install WordPress and SSL please skip to the next section

  1. Log in to C-Panel

2. Seach for Addon Domains then click on the text

Searching for addon domains in c panel

3. Type in the domain name in the “New Domain Name Field” and it will fill in the rest.

  • If you’re wanting to create an FTP account for the domain press on the box and type in the required information

4. Press “Add Domain”

Typing in the domain name to create an addon domain

5. You have now successfully created another directory for your new website. 6. You can either click the file manager link or click on our home logo which will bring you back to C-Panel for our next steps The addon domain name has been created

Installing WordPress Using Our 1-Click Installer

  1. To start installing WordPress Click on the WordPress logo located in the Softaclous Apps Installer

C panel home page screenshot

2. Click the “Install Now” button

Softaculous install now button

3. If you only have one website then your installation URL will be the default one. If you’re wanting to install on another domain name then click on the dropdown menu and select the domain. *Ignore the subdomain option

4. Make sure you select the HTTPS:// protocol as we are installing the website to be secure. *We will show you how to install a FREE SSL Certificate later. 5. Fill out the required information: Site Title Tag Line Username & Password – If you’re wanting to change it.

Softaculous wordpress trusted ssl certificate was not found

6. After filling out the information enter your email if you’re wanting the details sent to your email then press “Install”

Softaculous installation details

7. If your WordPress site has been successfully installed you will see the following message with your WordPress admin URL. 8. Click on “Return To Overview” as we will now install the SSL Certificate Softaculous wordpress installed successfully

9. In the top right click on the C-Panel logo which will bring you to the C-Panel homepage.


Softaculous go to c panel shortcut

Installing An SSL Certificate

On our system, SSL runs every 24 Hours and auto-installs SSL on all websites. If you’re wanting to start working on your website straight away then follow the following steps:

  1. In the search box type “SSL”
  2. Click on SSL/TLS Status

Searching ssl in c panel

3. If your domain name has icons like the following. It means you don’t have SSL installed.

4. To install SSL Select each service that needs to be done or press the square under “include domains during AutoSSL” which will select them all.

5. Click “Run AutoSSL” and give the program about 15 minutes to assign a certificate to you.

Wordpress website doesn t have an ssl certificate

6. After the process has completed you will see that the icon has changed to a green secure padlock.

Wordpress website now has an ssl certificate

7. Click our logo to visit the C-Panel homepage 8. Click the WordPress logo in the “Softaculous Apps Installer”

C panel homepage

9. At the bottom of the page click on the “Man Icon” in the admin section. This will auto log you into WordPress without the need to enter your complicated password.

Softaculous 1 click login

10. You have now installed WordPress and SSL! Enjoy your new secure website.

Wordpress hosting homepage



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