How To Manage And Pay Invoices On The Client Portal

Viewing An Invoice

  1. Log in to the Client Portal. Or see this article.

Clicking on billing then my invoices to view current invoices conor bradley digital agency

  1. On the Top Menu, Click Billing followed by My Invoices

My invoices section on the client portal conor bradley digital agency

  1. Here you can see any invoices we have sent you.
  2. Click the invoice you require
  3. Here you can see what the invoice items and pricing



Paying An Invoice

  1. To pay the invoice click the “pay now” button in the top left.
  2. if you’re wanting to view the invoice then pay, click on the selected one.

View invoice section to check everything is on the invoice and selecting a payment method conor bradley digital agency

  1. read through the invoice to check everything is okay and agreed
  2. on the right side select your payment method from the dropdown
  3. Then click pay now



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