How To Purchase And Register A Domain Name

How To Purchase And Register A Domain Name

  1. Log in to the Client Portal. Or see this article.

Clicking on register a new domain in the shortcuts menu conor bradley digital agency

  1. On the menu click domains then register a new domain
    *You can also click register a new domain on the left-hand shortcut menu.

Searching for a domain name to register then pressing add to cart conor bradley digital agency

  1. Type in the required name you’d like then Click Search to check if the domain name is available.
  2. Underneath you will see boxes of our top-level domains (TLD) these are domains that end in .com, .net, .org, and more.
  3. If the domain name is already taken we offer other selections that match your preferred name.
  4. When you have found a domain name press add to cart followed by continue

Domains configuration page with domain addons and name servers conor bradley digital agency

  1. At the checkout, we give you some options in case you have missed anything.
  2. If you need hosting you can add it by clicking under your domain name.
  3. We also offer free DNS Management and Email Forwarding
  4. By default, we input our nameservers in case you have/decide to buy hosting.
  5. If you would like to change the name servers please type them in the text box.
  6. Once you have finished Click Continue and the checkout process will start.
  7. if you have a promotional code type it in at the checkout.
  8. Press checkout. We accept Credit/Debit Cards and Paypal


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