How To Update Your WordPress Site

How To Update Your WordPress Site

You should update WordPress when there is an update as it helps with security on your website, Which makes it harder for people to gain unwanted access. Here is how you update your WordPress plugins

  1. Log in to WordPress as the administrator.

Wordpress dashboard clicking on updates conor bradley digital agency

  1. On the left sidebar, click Updates.
    The number next to updates is how many is available for an update.

Wordpress updates dashboard wordpress plugin updates theme updates conor bradley digital agency

  1. If you have a WordPress update it will appear next to the “Re-Install Now” Button.
  2. If you’re wanting to update your plugins, select the box next to “Select all”
  3. Press update plugins when you have selected your plugins
  4. The screen will show you if the updates have been successful
  5. Once WordPress has finished updating you can either return to your plugins page or WordPress updates page.
  6. You can also click anywhere on the left sidebar to perform a different task



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