Shared Hosting Quick Start Guide

Customer Portal #

After you purchase a shared hosting package from Conor Bradley – Digital Agency, you will multiple emails with the following information:
Welcome Email – Link to support articles and our client portal
Invoice Payment Confirmation
New Account Information
Order Confirmation

Configuring nameservers #

After purchasing shared website hosting if you haven’t bought a domain from us you’ll need to change the nameservers of the domain. Please check your emails with our nameservers as our nameservers can vary.

Managing your web site with cPanel #

All hosting plans come with cPanel. You can access this via the client portal then clicking the purchased service

Accessing your account #

You can access your cPanel account via the following methods:
Client Portal Link
FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

Setting up e-mail #

Now you have a domain, It’s always best to send and receive emails via your domain. In cPanel search “Email Accounts” then you’re able to create a new email address, View & send emails

Creating a secure website #

All our hosting plans come with free SSL Certificates and can be installed by searching SSL/TLS Staus on cPanel then clicking run


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Updated on May 9, 2021