Shared Hosting Quick Start Guide

Customer Portal

After you purchase a shared hosting package from Conor Bradley – Digital Agency, you will multiple emails with the following information:
Welcome Email – Link to support articles and our client portal
Invoice Payment Confirmation
New Account Information
Order Confirmation

Configuring nameservers

After purchasing shared website hosting if you haven’t bought a domain from us you’ll need to change the nameservers of the domain. Please check your emails with our nameservers as our nameservers can vary.

Managing your web site with cPanel

All hosting plans come with cPanel. You can access this via the client portal then clicking the purchased service

Accessing your account

You can access your cPanel account via the following methods:
Client Portal Link
FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

Setting up e-mail

Now you have a domain, It’s always best to send and receive emails via your domain. In cPanel search “Email Accounts” then you’re able to create a new email address, View & send emails

Creating a secure website

All our hosting plans come with free SSL Certificates and can be installed by searching SSL/TLS Staus on cPanel then clicking run


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