What is a Network Security Key?

What is a network security key?

A network security key is also known as a Wi-Fi or wireless password. This is the password you use to connect via the internet.

What are they used for?

Each network / Wi-Fi router comes with a pre-set network security key. They are used to stop unwanted access to a network.

Some access points have pubic access codes which means you don’t need a password to connect to the internet. This is usually on at places like costa which is unsecured and can lead to password leaks.

Your network security key should always be changed to a different key when you set up your router or access point. As these are usually passwords such as router, password, admin which are easily guessed and can be searched online.

To create a secure key it should be at least 12 letters, numbers, and punctuation. This makes the password very hard to crack and keeps unwanted people such as hackers out of your internet connection. You should never write your password down as it could get in the wrong hands.

How do I find my password?

On Your Router
On your internet box that your internet provider gives you the password to access your network is usually located underneath the box with a label as “Security Key,” “WEP Key,” “WPA Key,” “WPA2 Key,” “Wireless Key,” “password” or “Passphrase.”

After typing in your wireless password your device should automatically remember it for next time.

How to change your wireless password

To change your wireless password open an internet browser enter the following

You may need to enter a username and password. This is the default one you get with your router. If you’re unsure of this type in your internet provider username and password into google and you should be able to find it.

After typing in the correct details head over Select Wireless or WiFi.

Enter a new Network Key which is the new password you want to use

Select Apply to save your new password.

The password you changed is the new password you will need to log-in to your devices. When changing the password it can kick people off the network which they’ll need to enter the new password to become connected to it again


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