What Is An Email Domain?

What Is An Email Domain?

An email domain is the part of an email address that comes after the @ symbol. A domain email example would be sales@conorbradley.co.uk which shows you’re a verified person the company. Personal email addresses are most common such as @gmail.com.

When creating an email account usually the name you’re wanting is taken due to someone else having that account. With domain email addresses you can have whatever name you can think of, as you’re the only one who has access to that domain.

If you have a domain you’re wanting to purchase check out our cheap domain names and you’ll be able to set up an email hosting account for free.

How to get an email domain?

To get an email domain you’ll need two things a domain name and a website or email hosting plan. Most web hosting companies provide email hosting in their website hosting plans. Luckily for our readers, we offer both email hosting and website hosting plans which allows multiple email accounts. Our hosting services are very competitive and you’ll receive a good deal!

Why should you use an email domain?

  1. When having a website or company it is always a good idea to have an email domain instead of a personal one as clients take you more seriously.
  2. When potential clients see your email address on a page they can find your website very easily by typing in the domain after the @ sign.
  3. You can access all your email accounts in one place.
  4. When signing up for services you won’t need to use your personal email address and receive spam
  5. Easily organize your company by creating multiple email addresses.
  6. Create any email address you’d like.

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