How To 1-Click Install WordPress With Softaculous

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  1. Log-in to your C-Panel through your link we’ve sent you or view it from your Client Portal

searching for softaculous in c panel conorbradley web services

  1. From C-Panel type in the the search bar “soft” and click the wordpress script.

pressing install wordpress now conorbradley web services

  1. Press Install Now.

selecting the domain url to install wordpress conorbradley web services

  1. In the Choose Domain list box, select the subdomain that you have created..
  2. Leave the In Directory text box blank.
  3. In the Site Name box, type the site name.
  4. In the Site Description box, type the site description.

entering a username and password on softalicious conorbradley web services

  1. In the Admin Username text box, type the administrator username.
  2. In the Admin Password text box, type the administrator password. You can click the gold key on the right side to create a generated password.
  3. In the Admin Email text box, type the site administrator e-mail address.
  4. In the Select Language list box, select the default language for the application.

pressing install on the softaculous wizard conorbradley web services

  1. Type your email in to the email installation details to receive the log-in credentials
  2. Press install
  3. When the install is complete log in with



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