How To Change Your WordPress URL

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  1. Log in to cPanel directly or use the shortcut in Client Portal

phpmyadmin homepage conorbradley web services

  1. Find the database you wish to change the URL and press the plus icon next to it.

phpmyadmin wp options database conorbradley web services

  1. On the left-hand side find _Options (we’ve underlined it)
  2. click on the text

phpmyadmin unsecure url conorbradley web services

  1. Double click on the URL link under option_value and change it as required.
  2. This could be changing http:// to https://

typing in url in to phpmyadmin

  1. Press enter/return and it will save.
  2. Repeat this on home underneath site url to the same URL.
  3. Your site should be using the URL you changed



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