Free SEO Website Audit

    What Is SEO?

    SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, By doing SEO correctly it improves the way search engines see the content which becomes easier to rank on the first page of Google or Microsoft. SEO is always needed on a website for major search engines such as Google, Bing, Yandex, and Baidu. Search engines use algorithms to search through over 1.7 billion websites to see what websites are the best match for certain keywords. There are many factors that go into this such as keywords you use, page’s headings, text copy, images, page title, meta description, page & domain authority. 

    Search engines are forever changing their algorithms to gather better results for the user searching. Previously it was easy to rank on the first page by using loads of the same keywords and backlinks that link to the webpage, however, that’s all changed now!

    To rank on search engines you need good & readable content that has the answer for the user searching for a question, product or service. This doesn’t mean create a page only using text filled with every answer as google looks for quality meaning you need to use headings, paragraphs, images, video internal and external links to other content,

    What Are the Benefits of SEO?

    PPC Advertising

    PPC Advertising is an acronym for Pay-Per-Click Advertising which can be utilised on the following: Search Advertising (Google & Bing), Display advertising, Social media advertising (Facebook & Instagram), Remarketing & maps. It is always good to pay for ads as you can easily get website views and conversions, however, after you’ve finished your ads campaign you’ll usually lose a lot of website views due to the lack of SEO your website has which could impact the performance on where your website is on search engines.

    SEO services are perfect for every website whether you’re website has just started or you’re a fully established company.

    Website startups

    When promoting a website start up a good way is to create a blog where you can create informative content relating to your niche. For example, if your website is about computers you could create a blog based on new hardware that will be sold in the future.

    Local businesses

    When it comes to Local businesses, such as clothes, electricians & builders we can use Local SEO to focus on areas that your business covers instead of focusing on nationally as the person or yourself/company won’t want to travel from 300 miles away.

    Medium-sized businesses

    Medium-sized businesses will most likely benefit from small SEO changes and Content Marketing on social media platforms to improve the visibility of their brand. This could be getting a better social media followers who will be interested in your posts and will likely follow through on the new links you post.

    Online shops

    Online shops can improve their rankings in Google by optimising their product images and with the use of eCommerce SEO

    Our Process

    SEO Audit

    We will start by creating an SEO audit of your website and show you what improvements need to be made to increase your search engine rankings.

    Content Creation

    When adding new keywords to your website sometimes content creation is necessary so the user finds what they’re looking for. This could also be blog posts based on your new keywords to build interest.

    Link Building

    Link builder or the creation of backlinks can be very useful from the right websites. If these websites have a high domain authority like government websites it can really boost your domain authority by telling google you’re somewhat of a trusted source of information.

    By improving your backlink score you can receive significant improvements in search rankings.

    Keyword Research

    To improve the visibility of your website in search engines we will need to do keyword research to check your existing search queriess coming to your website before we look for other keywords we can utilise for your website.

    Backlink Check

    Backlinks are different websites that link your pages or articles in their website, Although it sounds good its not always a good thing as these can be spammy links that hurt your website’s domain authority & page authority.

    Before looking into creating backlinks to your site, we check your existing ones. If we find any backlinks that don’t meet our standards we will email the admin of the website to remove the backlink, If the website doesn’t remove the backlink we will then get google to ignore it.


    The best way to see how your website is performing is by looking at the Analytics data. By looking at the data we can see the types of searches people are doing when clicking on your website, demographics & location.

    We can also follow the user to see which pages they click on before they make an action which could be a purchase or a phone call.

    Page Optimisation

    After the keyword research is complete our next step is to utilise our page optimisation techniques. These include adding keywords into your pages headings, paragraph text, images, referring to inbound and outbound links. For example, if you’re looking for Local SEO adding “Sheffield” would make it easier for users looking for a builder based in Sheffield.

    Technical SEO

    Technical SEO is a way of improving a website’s crawlability and indexing for search engines

    Competitor Research

    Doing competitor research can identify what your competitors are doing differently and what keywords they’re currently ranking for. If this competitor doesn’t have much of a presence online its possible we can utilise their keywords and rank above them.

    What Else Can We Do

    eCommerce SEO

    It is vital that stores selling products have utilised e-commerce SEO for their products. This includes making images more appealing and ranking for high searched product terms.


    Enhancing the visibility of websites that would like to rank locally or if they have a physical store. A good starting point is by creating a business listing on Google.

    Technical SEO

    Making your website easier to crawl and index by search engines. This can also increase your page speed.

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