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Gain Twitter Growth

Are you wanting to gain Followers,Retweets and favourites on your personal or business Twitter account? When searching “buy twitter followers” most of the websites give you followers instantantly,this means that these accounts are usually low quality or even worst bots / fake accounts.

After payment the websites asks for your username then proceeds to give your account generic followers that everyone else has received. By not researching your twitter doesn’t have a fighting chance of progressing to gain more followers from like minded people, Intrested in the content you’re posting.

At Conor Bradley – Digital Agency we can guarantee every follow, retweet and favourite on your account will be from real people. We offer very competitive prices that will beat most Twitter follower websites. If you decide to stop our Twitter Marketing Campaign every follower and retweet you’ve gained will simply stay and continue to be active as these are real people!

Watch Your Twitter Profile grow with people interested in your niche

Twitter Growth Price Packages

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Followers, Likes & Retweets from your competitors
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Followers, Likes & Retweets from your competitors
Packages tailored to your niche
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What Can We Do?

Post Scheduling

Plan all your tweets and publish them when your audience is most active. This will save months of work setting up your tweets in advance, We can also post tweets when needed. Even when they’re not scheduled.

Twitter Mentions

We will find your target audience and use their Twitter handle in your messages. We will create unique messages to tag them in making it look more personal.

Following & Unfollowing Users

We will find people interested in your content and follow them to get their attention. Your high-quality posts and content will make sure you have a good Follow-Back ratio. We will also unfollow any Twitter users that didn’t follow you back.


We will keep your account active by finding and retweeting great tweets in your niche.

Favouriting Tweets

We will find great tweets in your niche and automatically like them to start new social interactions.

Tweets From RSS Feeds

Do you have a blog? We can use your RSS feed to post tweets relating to each blog post.

Contact Users

We can send direct messages to users that you've followed or from hashtags

Frequently Asked Questions

We can schedule your tweets to post when your followers are most active. This will increase your chances to get more organic reach.

We will search for Twitter users in your niche and follow them to get their attention. If the users don’t follow back we will then unfollow them.

We will search for tweets in your nice and retweet them to your feed that are in your niche to trigger a notification to the user, this can prompt them to check and follow your account.

We will also comment on Tweets. Commenting on posts is a great way to gather followers and other people can see these comments when looking through a tweet.

We will search for related hashtags for your niche to use in your tweets. This will make people in your niche circle see your tweets and get even more reach.

We can like your niches comments and even like people who comment on your tweets. This shows that you have seen the comments and have interacted with them.

Have Any Questions? Don’t hesitate to write to us.