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In our last article our readers found out that creating an big email list is more beneficial than creating a big social media following. We have decided to do a follow up article on the best email list builder for wordpress to jump start our readers.

We researched in too their main competitors and narrowed it down to the main two competitors, Sumo and Thrive Leads. In this article we will compare all three brands against each other finding out the advantages and disadvantages. To start we have created a table with the features each website offers.

WebsiteSumoThrive LeadsOptinMonster
Plans And Prices(Monthly & Annual Billing)(one time payment)(annual billing)
FREE$67.00 + $13.40 (UK VAT) – 1 Licence$9 – Basic
$49 / $39 (Save $120)$97 + $19.40 (UK VAT) – 5 Licences$19 – Plus
$147 + $29.40 (UK VAT) – 15 Licences$29 – Pro
$49 – Growth
Form Features
Landing Page BuilderNONONO
Pe-Built TemplatesYESYESYES
Duplicate FormsYESYESYES
Form Types
In-line FormsYESYESYES
Click Triggered FormsYESYESYES
Floating Bars At The Top / RibbonsYESYESYES
Slide-in FormsYESYESYES
Fullscreen Pop-up FormsYESYESYES
Sidebar ScrollYESYESYES
Click Away FormsYESYESYES
Editable FormsYESYESYES
Campaign Features
Unlimited CampaignsYESYESYES
Tracking And StatsYESYESYES
Page TargetingYESYESYES
Integration Features
Email Platform IntegrationMost Email Integration ToolsMost Email Integration ToolsMost Email Integration Tools
Google Analytics IntegrationYESYESYES


Sumo Email Leads Website Screenshot

If you’re just getting in to creating an email list and wanting to experiment how it works then Sumo is the perfect tool for you.It is completely FREE FOREVER unless you would like to upgrade.

Using Sumo when you’re just starting off is a no brainer the only downsides to having the free version is that Sumo adds its logo on the forms and you’re limited to sending 10,000 emails to your subscribers.

When creating a form in sumo you’re redirected to their website to create it, You select where you would like the form to be placed then press publish. Sumo then talks to its plugin or embed link you installed on your website and updates it accordingly.

If you’re a WordPress user another downside to Sumo is they’re quite slow on updating their wordpress plugin which could make your site less secure! A way around this is to manually embed the link sumo gives you instead of installing their plugin, Which would fix the security issues.

When it comes to form templates you’re quite limited in the free version however the ones unlocked are the most popular ones people use. If you’re thinking about upgrading to PRO the locked templates will be unlocked.

Unlike OptinMonster, Sumo lets you have the option to either pay monthly or annual (save 20%) to support people who can’t afford a big yearly payment.

Thrive Leads

ThriveLeads Email Leads Website Screenshot

ThriveLeads is a perfect option if you already have subscribers and looking for a solution to save yourself some money. If you’re looking to purchase OptinMonster and Sumo you’ll have monthly/annual payments until you decide to stop using their service.

If you’re wanting to save money and pay a once for a lifetime the cost is $67 if you live in the US. If you are in the UK like us you’ll get charged an extra 20% due to VAT. This may deter you from wanting to buy this plugin however with OptinMonster or Sumo paid plans cost more for 1 year of their services.

Unlike Sumo ThriveLeads comes with a lot of very professional templates you can easily edit these by using the WYSIWYG or drag and drop editor. You create then create a form that hasn’t been seen before.To create and edit your forms you’ll need to use the plugin installed to your WordPress site.

ThriveLeads also has an option to hide the form from people who have already subscribed. By hiding it from existing subscribers the article becomes more rewarding to read as there isn’t a subscribe form in the way.


OptinMonster Email Leads Website Screenshot

Finally OptinMonster, The leading email list building tool with over 1,000,000 websites using it. Over the last few years OptinMonster has been the leading list builder that everyone is using to generate their leads. Due to their extensive reviews and tutorials they’re leading the competition.

An area OptinMonster excels is who they can offer their services too, You can use it on WordPress, Squarespace, Shopify, HTML websites, or any other platform. ThriveLeads is built only for wordpress users so if you’re wanting to create an email list on another site you’ll need to pick OptinMonster or Sumo.

OptinMonster can offer automatic cloud backups of your email leads data and templates,This is something the other two competitors can’t do! They also offer an amazing support system in case you get stuck using their service, This includes over 200 articles and a ticketing support system.

Whats The Best One To Use?

If you’re just starting out and looking for a free solution then Sumo is definitely a plugin you need to install to kickstart your email leads. We would recommend using this plugin until you need to send over 10,000 emails.

If you’re past this stage or wanting to upgrade from Sumo to the paid plan, we would recommend ThriveLeads instead due to its one time payment. This will save you loads of money as ThriveLeads can offer the same as Sumo and OptinMonster paid versions.

Thank you for reading our article, If you enjoyed it please subscribe (we use SUMO).


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