How to Duplicate WordPress Pages or Posts

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Creating a duplicate of a page or post can be very useful. You can create a full backup of one page by duplicating it before you create any further changes which can be a life saver when playing around with the appearance code. You can also duplicate the required page or post if you’re wanting to copy the layout and style but with different information.

This is very easy to do it with WordPress as there is a plugin for everything, We recommend the duplicate page plugin as its the easiest to use. Follow the steps below to find out how to use it.

Duplicate Page

Duplicate Page Wordpress Plugin

1. Install the plugin by clicking this link Duplicate Page or you can also install this plugin by clicking Plugins > Add New > Search Duplicate Page then click install and activate.

2. After activating the plugin click on page or post in the left,hand menu bar.


Duplicate Page Button

3. Find the page you’re wanting to duplicate > Hover over it > Press “Duplicate This”

4. The page will now refresh and you will see two of the same pages/posts, The one that says draft is the copied one.


Duplicated Page

5. From there you’re able to edit the page/post without making any changes to the original one just remember too change the title and URL if publishing.


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