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What Is Social Media?

Social media facilitates sharing of ideas and thoughts, through building communities.These communities are usually made up of friends, friends of friends and strangers that have the same interests as you.

What Is An Email List?

An email list is a collection of email adresses that you have either received or gathered through a blog, website or someone enquiring. These email addresses are usually in the format of a .CSV file where you can mass send emails to these at once.


Social Media

Social media posts are perfect to find an audience in your market by using hashtags. If you’re in the technology niche you could create a post asking “what’s everyones favourite apple product” by using hashtags such as #apple #iMac #iPad #iPhone this will post your question to people searching for certain keywords. By creating something like this you will receive engagement on peoples options, sometimes conflicts. A conflict for our post could be something like “android is better”, By having a conflicted post it will gain more traction on the platform as people will share it to their followers to gather more opinions. This is a good way to gain followers fast!

When marketing your website and blog posts people are always trying to gather more people to read their latest post. When a person creates a new blog or company they focus on getting a big social following to share their new posts. This is usually because all you need to do is create an account on the social platforms such as facebook, twitter, instagram and Pinterest. The user then has two options either buy social followings and hope they’re active or share their website or latest blog post trying to gain attraction which can work but isn’t the best practice to do. The said person/company is now focused on making a big social presence they’re forgetting about one of the main marketing campaigns – Creating an email list.

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Email Lists

Email lists are perfect for telling your readers you have posted a new article on your website, by sending them an email in the form of a interactive newsletter. For a first time user it is quite hard to create an email list as they dont know where to start or even how too.

The main way people gather email addresses is by putting a subscribe button on the bottom of their blog posts. If a reader has enjoyed reading your content they will subscribe so you can let them know when you next post.

If your website has been freshly created and you’re not reciving many website views a perfect way to gather emails is to create something that people are interested in. If you’re niche is about technology like ours an example could be creating a guide about “how to make your website successful”.You then convert your new article in to a PDF and ask users to input their email addresses to download/view the PDF.

If you’re still struggling to gather emails try advertising the PDF with email sign up on social media platforms or google ads.Most platforms give you free credit if you’ve never created an advert before, Google ads are currently giving £75 free credit if you deposit £25. We’ve found when marketing a PDF instagram is an amazing way to generate these leads as their style of advertising looks like an image post.

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What Is The Best Focus On?

A user has been working on their social media presence and email lists. The user tweeted a YouTube link with a description to 32,670 followers on Twitter.All the twitter followers have been organically gained instead of been bought. The amount of people that clicked on the YouTube link was ONLY 43 People.

The same user then sent out an email to 52,355 users that had subscribed to the blog, Same link and description. The amount of people who clicked on the link was 3,294.

Although having a social presence is good for generating leads when people have never seen your site before, Creating an email list with people who have already read your content can be miles better.

When receiving an email the person has to delete the email to remove it from their inbox otherwise they’ll always see it. People also feel like an email has personally been sent to them even though it has been mass sent. When browsing social media the person can be anywhere, potential clients will always skim read and scroll further down to look at other posts.

In short if you’re able to create an email list you should focus on creating this is usually the best way for more people to see your content! Make sure you still create a social presence!

Thanks for reading our article about what is the best marketing strategy out of email lists and social media Followings!

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James Pearson (August 20, 2020)


This is really informative – I did not know about conflicted posts and how much traction they can get.

So now to put some of this into practice on my own site!

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