How To Rotate Your Screen On Windows

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Have you accidentally rotated your screen the wrong way and don’t know how to turn it back around. In this post we will show you how too quickly restore it to the way it was.

How to Rotate your screen with shortcuts

When your screen randomly rotates upside down or sideways it’s usually because you have pressed a combination of shortcut keys.

To change the rotation of your screen you’ll need to hold down all the keys at the same time as this is classed as a command. On different operating systems the shortcuts may be different. We have listed all the possible ones for windows

Use the following arrows if you would like you screen to display this way

UP Arrow – Standard display mode

DOWN Arrow – Display upside down

LEFT Arrow – 90 degrees left

RIGHT Arrow – 90 degrees right

Typical key combinations include:

[CTRL] + arrow[CTRL] + [Alt] + arrow[CTRL] + [Shift] + arrow

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